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Gents Academy SY: 2023-2024 

Gents Academy


Gents Academy provides support for students academically and personally. This can help bridge educational gaps, provide guidence, and foster positive relationships between community members and students.

Life Skills

Gents Academy provides programs that  are geared to the development of each participant in the following core areas: communication, mental and physical wellness, academic support, financial literacy, and brotherhood 101.

College Prep and Workforce Readiness 

Gents Academy provides career readiness program and vocational training opportunities to help students gain practical skills and prepare for the workforce.  This can involve offering internships, apprenticeships, and workshops that connect student with local business industries.


Program Overview:

Fall 2023 Session                                                       Spring 2024 Session                   

Duration: 8 Weeks                                                    Duration: 16 Weeks

Each session includes an opportunity for the participant to play at least one sport  that the participants will learn throughout the duration of the session. In addition to learning the different sports or fine art programs participants are exposed to , that are also taught different life and social skills. These skills include but not limited to hygiene, brotherhood and self-confidence. Coupled with the life skills are creative activities. The creative activities includes artistic engagement and keepsakes that the participant  can cherish forever.  Also, the participants are granted a field trip or end of camp celebration during each semester. At the end of each semester there is a showcase for family and friends. We can assure you that once your child becomes a member of Gents Academy , you will see his confidence increase, a change in his attitude and an increase in friendship (brotherhood). 

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