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Tyron D. Riddick Sr., Founder & CEO 
Reach One, Teach One

Since 2012, Straighten Up and Fly Right, Inc., a nonprofit organization, has supported the cause of quality sports and recreation programs available to all youth. We are dedicated to promoting youth activities in a positive and wholesome environment where children acquire life-long skills. Our sports and recreation programs instill confidence, discipline, and self-esteem; they promote physical fitness as a lifestyle; and they nurture self-respect and respect for others. These qualities are essential to a sense of well-being and they are vital for ensuring success in and out of school.


The instructors and coaches for the classes we sponsor are chosen specifically for their ability to teach and lead youth. They can be positive role models who demonstrate leadership, commitment, as well as a high level of skill for the sport or activities they teach. The unique curriculum used by the instructors and coaches is specifically designed to enhance self-esteem and confidence, skill attainment, and positive socialization.

With your help, we will continue to expand! Because we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, our fundraising activities, and your contributions are extremely important. All donations from companies and individuals are fully tax-deductible. We use the funds we receive to enhance the lives of children across the City of Suffolk by offering children a safe place to showcase their skills and athletic abilities and by fostering mental and physical fitness.

Board of Directors:                                                          Board of Advisors:

A. Riddick                                                                             T. Copeland 

R. Davis                                                                                H. Pope

E. Porter                                                                               D. Jacobs

N. Barnes                                                                             A. Saunders 

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