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Dream Girls Mentoring


Dream Girls: Dream Girls is a mentoring program that empowers young ladies ages 10 to 18 to make smart choices and become confident, capable and self-reliant young women. Through its program structure, activity-based curriculum and mentor-led format, Dream Girls helps young ladies to:

  • Reduce vulnerability to self-destructive behaviors

  • Develop leadership, group and social skills

  • Learn and practice critical thinking and problem-solving skills

  • Increase self-awareness and values that lead to success in life

  • Discover new sources of inner strength and self-worth and to nurture positive hopes and dreams for their future.  The activity-based program gives them the chance to practice new skills, talk about what they have learned and focus on listening, empathy and understanding others.



Straighten Up and Fly Right Inc.  believes:

  • Empowering females allows them to become positive change agents for themselves and others.

  • Respect and inclusion of others are necessary for a group to work effectively.

  • Development of emotional intelligence and empathy are necessary skills to be successful in life.

  • Teamwork and problem solving are lifelong skills.

  • Effective communication is a core skill for all human endeavors.

  • Self-respect and self-confidence are necessary leadership skills.

  • Goal setting contributes to acting responsibly.

  • Understanding and accepting ethnic and racial differences and similarities is important in learning environments.

  • Developing positive relationships helps us thrive as contributing members of a group and a community.

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